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A few things about me . . .

I have loved working with type and page layout since I was a little girl growing up in Minnesota. A business teacher in college suggested I pursue a graphic design minor and I have been thanking him ever since. While homeschooling our 3 growing kids, I managed to freelance as a graphic designer and keep up with the desktop publishing revolution. My favorite client was willing to work around naps and dinner dishes and toddlers. I am so glad because there is always more to explore and learn about printing and design.

My free time has recently been spent learning to build WordPress websites. I am excited to bring the same design principles to the web that I have used on paper all these years.

As for the collage above, I can say that I love biking and swimming, it is windy at the top of the Empire State building, I lean heavily toward modern Scandinavian design (Bjorn Winblad is one of my favorites), and I could eat Greek gyros and watermelon every day. Nothing inspires me like great textile design and I always carry my Swiss Army knife—be prepared! I often drag home interesting chairs from yard sales and if I could get paid to read books out loud all day long, I would be in heaven. I am a Christian with a great husband and 3 lovely kids. For being a “picture person”, this sure is a lot of words!

Feel free to contact me to discuss upcoming projects.